We, Adam Hunter, Andrew Gilbert, Brad Culver, Cat Ventura Ahmanson, Efren Delgadillo, Jesse Bonnell, Jesse Saler, Jessica Emmanuel, Jonney Ahmanson, and John Kern are Poor Dog Group. We are a group of ten Los Angeles-based artists with various professional backgrounds in the performing arts. As a group we conceptualize, create and sometimes perform our works collectively. The works can happen in different constellations of the group, while other artists and friends will join in to specific projects. From this practice, the outcomes can be stage works, installations, videos, workshops or lectures.


Andrew Gilbert* / Brad Culver* / Catherine Ventura*  / Efren Delgadillo Jr / Jesse Saler* / Adam Hunter* / Christine Wood / Jennie Liu / Jonathon Ahmanson* / Chris-Gerard Heyward* / Condola Phyleia Rashad / Stacy Dawson Stearns / Jonathan Stearns / Lucy Griffin-Nemeth / Leah Piehl / Itamar Stern / John Kern* / Jessica Emmaunel* / Andrew Conrad / Justin Sachs / Jesse Bonnell* / Matthew Mellinger / Norman Frisch / Marissa Chibas / Travis Preston / Erik Ehn / Carol Bixler / Matt Goodrich / Caitlin Rucker / Caitlyn Conlin / Gabriella Rhodeen / Abica Dubay / Gray Palmer 

*indicates founding member 

Photo Credits:

Efren Delgadillo Jr. / Jesse Bonnell / Steve Gunther