Five Small Fires, began as an investigation into ancient ritual, and the nature of satyr play within Greek theater. Set in a community center, revolutionaries of an abstract New Age movement stew over life's meaning and purpose. A dark secret begins to reemerge, causing the members to seek aggressive liberation. While philosophical rhetoric builds upon itself, the members continue to seek emancipation from the troubles of contemporary life by conducting a series of lessons and tests, which they broadcast on-line. As these rituals collide in celebratory chaos, a higher community is formed through dance, initiation rites and radical apocalyptic anarchy.

FIVE SMALL FIRES was commissioned by Experimental Media Performing Arts Center & The Getty Villa Lab Theater. Project support from: 2013 Creative Capital Award, University of California Los Angeles Department of World Cultures, Center for Cultural Innovation ARC Program, and YADDO. Five Small Fires was originally produced at the Bootleg Theater. 

Five Small Fires recorded at the Bootleg Theater on March 2014.
  • Created by Poor Dog Group
  • Produced by Poor Dog Group in partnership with the Bootleg Theater
  • Performed by Jonney Ahmanson, Brad Culver, Andrew Gilbert, Cat Ventura, Jennie Liu
  • Concept, Text, and Direction by Jesse Bonnell
  • Scenic Design by Efren Delgadillo
  • Sound Design by Andrew Gilbert
  • Lighting Design by Adam Hunter
  • Sound Engineering by Martin Gimenez
  • Production Management by Caitlin Rucker and Morgan O'Hara