Written by author Gertrude Stein as a short novel almost exclusively in dialogue form, Brewsie and Willie is a portrait of class anxiety – the class that fights our wars and is then left to grapple with the anxiety of return to the larger American culture. World War II has just ended, and Brewsie, Willie, and an array of their fellow soldiers and nurses are in some border-less, undefined space, waiting to return to the United States and civilian life. This period of aimless R&R becomes a space of reflection and thoughtfulness – and of vast concern over their future lives back in the US.

Produced by CalArts Center for New Performance in association with Poor Dog Group.

Brewsie and Willie was presented at the inaugural RADAR L.A. Festival

Awards: Best Production, and Best Lighting at the LA WEEKLY Awards.

Writen by Gertrude Stein

  • Directed by Travis Preston
  • Adaptation by Marissa Chibas, Erik Ehn, Travis Preston
  • Original Music by Andrew Conrad and Andrew Gilbert
  • Choreography by Mira Kingsley
  • Dramaturgy by Juli Crockett 
  • Scenic Design by Efren Delgadillo Jr. 
  • Costume Design by E.B. Brooks
  • Lighting Design BY Efren Delgadillo, Jr. and Adam Hunter
  • Video Design by Jeff Teeter, Jesse Bonnell, and John Kern 
  • Technical Direction by Oscar Arevelo
  • Stage Management by Justin D. Schlegel
  • Produced by Carol Bixler
  • Performed by Jonney Ahmanson, Jesse Bonnell, Caitlyn Conlin, Brad Culver, Andrew Gilbert, Matthew Goodrich, Lucy Griffin, Adam Hunter, John Kern, Jesse Saler, Catherine Ventura, 
  • Itamar Stern, Assistant Director
  • Asta Hostetter, Assistant Costume Designer
  • Laura Kay Swanson, Associate Producer