Poor Dog Group reenacts NASA's famous 1958 Mercury Seven press conference, while mocking the former Soviet Union in this farcical attack on outer space dominance. Vintage newsreels, NASA’s flight records and information delivery systems all collide to give a glimpse into our cyber-reality. The Internationalists was commissioned by the Contemporary Art Museum of Santa Barbara and toured throughout Eastern Europe including Croatia, Poland, and Serbia.  

The Internationalists was commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara and received generous support from Theater Communications Group ITI Grant, Foundation of Contemporary Art Emergency Grant, The Growtoski Institute, Ulysses Theater, The United States Embassy, and REDCAT. 

  • Created by Poor Dog Group
  • Produced by Poor Dog Group
  • Performed by Jonney Ahmanson, Brad Culver, Andrew Gilbert, Cat Ventura, Jessica Emmanuell, Jesse Saler, Itamar Stern, and John Kern
  • Concept, Text, and Direction by Jesse Bonnell
  • Scenic Design by Efren Delgadillo and Jesse Bonnell
  • Sound Design by Andrew Gilbert 
  • Lighting Design by Adam Hunter
  • Video Design by Matt Mellinger
  • Production Management by Itamar Stern